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New Product

Archery Recurve Bow Training Device Arm Strength Training Tool for Adults Kids

Usage Recurve Bow Training Device
Color 4 colors in total
Draw weight 1 [email protected] (Standard)
Draw weight 2 up to 30lbs (Strong rubber band)
Feature 1 Adjustable rubber band to adjust the draw length and pounds
Feature 2 with Anti-falling wrist band
Feature 3 with pedal device
Feature 4 with laser light(Professional version)
Riser made of high quality plastic, very durable.
Fits for all ages of shooters, kids and adults

Hight lights

1. Stay strong in the off season.
2. Archery bow training, latissimus dorsi, finger, arm and back strength workout.
3. The bow riser is made of high quality plastic, very durable.
4. with laser light for more accurate shot (Professional version).

5. [email protected] draw length. (Standard)

Can be adjustable from 9lbs to 19lbs with changing the rubber band length by a lock system in the simulate the bow handle.

Strong rubber band: up to 30lbs. (Professional version)

6. Simulated bow holding weight: 2lbs-9lbs (1.1-1.8 meters)

7. With Anti-falling wrist band and pedal device.

8. Fit for all levels of shooters.


Choosing rubber band according to your own needs.

Standard rubber band: [email protected] draw length.

Strong rubber band: up to 30lbs.

Pls contact customer service before placing an order.

Patented Product

Please respect intellectual property


1.OEM, ODM and Samples are available.

2.100% Inspection before shipping.

3.As a manufacturer with more than 15 years experiences, the quality is excellent and the price is competitive.

4. Offer good after sale services ,online support, video support.

Company Information

Elong's History and Development

Elong Outdoor Product Ltd., established in 2004, is a manufacturer of sporting goods in Huizhou city, Guangdong province, China. At the begining, Elong Outdoor was just a small workshop to produce arrows for our clients. With the increasingly investment towards our facilities and improvement of technology, Elong Outdoor become stronger, professional and diverse.

Nowadays, Elong Outdoor is well known in manufacturing arrows, including fiberglass, carbon, aluminum, wood arrows. As the market demand increases, we also developed crossbow bolts and various kinds of archery accessories, such as points, vanes, broadheads, quivers, and riser and bow. Now, our products are hot selling to mainland China, Europe, and America. The cooperation with our clients can be ODM or OEM. With good quality products and service, Elong Outdoor has gained good reputation from our clients and sales value increased year by year.

In the future, ELong Outdoor will continue innovation and provide good quality & service to clients, aiming to be a professional leader in archery industry.


Why consider us?

We are the original manufacturer designing and producing the bows, arrows and the related bow-and-arrow accessories. ODM service will offer. We also have convincing proven tracks in terms of production technology and product quality by being the reputable supplier for many other brands in a long-term partnership.

We would welcome wholesaler and retailer, we will ensure you a best wholesale price. If you are interested in our products but have some concerns, we strongly recommend you to order some samples and have a look. We would refund the sample fee proportionally (sometimes it would be fully refund) when you make the order.

Of course, if you have any questions that we could do you a favor, we would love to help.

Q: Are you factory?
A: Yes,We are the manufacturer specialized in producing archery arrow, arrow accessories, archery equipment and ILF bow riser. Such as fiberglass arrow, carbon arrow, aluminium arrow, wooden arrow, vane, nock, point,broadhead, ILF bow riser, CS bow ect.
Q: Do I need to pay for the sample?

A: For small one, such as, vane, nock, point, etc, you just need to pay for freight charge, for big one, such as arrow, bow, etc, the amount is depend on the item you want.

Q: How long will I got the sample?
A: Ship: It takes 1 day after getting your payment;

Transit: It takes about 7-15 days via EMS, 7-10 days via Fedex.

Q: How long will you deliver the goods after I ordered?
A: It depends on item and quantity.

Q: Could you provide OEM for us?
A: Sure,we provide both OEM and ODM service.

Q: How should I pay for the order?
A: We accept paypal,wester Union, T/T, etc.

F165 Shooting Hunting Training Riser Limbs Takedown ILF  Compound Bow Recurve Bow

F165 Shooting Hunting Training Riser Limbs Takedown ILF  Compound Bow Recurve Bow

F165 Shooting Hunting Training Riser Limbs Takedown ILF  Compound Bow Recurve Bow


Contact: KELLY YIN

Phone: 15918632152

Tel: 0752-6920238

Email: [email protected]

Add: Jiaoxia section, Yongshi Avenue, Shiwan Town, Boluo County, Huizhou, Guangdong.