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Q: Does archery activities require protective equipment?

A: Yes, professional archery protective equipments including chest guard, arm guard, finger tab etc.

Q: How to practice archery for beginner?

A: 1. Position: the shooter stands on the shooting line, with his left shoulder to the target position, and his feet with shoulder-width apart, which is helpful to increase the afterhand's power control.

2. Fit an arrow: take an arrow on the arrow rest, index feather toward oneself, the nock groove buckle on the bow string nock.

3. Buckle string: right hand with index finger, middle finger and ring finger buckle string, index finger above the nock, middle finger and ring finger below the nock.
4. Pre-pull: when the archer raises the bow, the left arm sinks down, the elbow turns inward, and the bow is pushed with the left hand and fixed.
5. Draw the bow: the archer draws the bow by the left shoulder pushing and the right shoulder pulling until the right hand "tiger mouth" lower jaw.
6. Aiming: the archer aligners his eyes, sight and aim points on the target during the process of drawing the bow.
7. Take off the bowstring: wait to draw the bow, aim and continue to add force by right shoulder, the three fingers that buckle the bowstring open quickly, the arrow namely shoot.

8. Relax: after the target in the arrow, the left arm from the wrist, elbow, shoulder to the whole body relax.

Kindly Remind

1. Bows and arrows are lethal weapons, never mess around with archery equipment.

2. Only put bow and arrow together when standing on the shooting line and permission to shoot has been given.

3. Only draw the bow when facing the target.

4. Do not shoot an arrow upwards into the air.

5. Do not ''dry fire'' a bow (that is, draw it and let go without an arrow). This can seriously damage the bow and injure the archer.


Q: Are you factory?

A: Yes,We are the manufacturer specialized in producing archery arrow, arrow accessories, archery equipment and ILF bow riser. Such as fiberglass arrow, carbon arrow, aluminium arrow, wooden arrow, vane, nock, point,broadhead, ILF bow riser, CS bow ect.


Q: Do I need to pay for the sample?

A: For small one, such as, vane, nock, point, etc, you just need to pay for freight charge, for big one, such as arrow, bow, etc, the amount is depend on the item you want.

Q: How long will I got the sample?

A: Ship: It takes 1 day after getting your payment;
Transit: It takes about 7-15 days via EMS, 7-10 days via Fedex.


Q: How should I pay for the order?
A: We accept paypal,wester Union, T/T, etc.


Q: How long will you deliver the goods after I ordered?

A: It depends on item and quantity.


1. OEM and ODM manufacturing welcome:

We can design and develop new products as your requirement;
We can manufacte products as your sample or drawing;
We can improve and modify our current products as your requirement;
2. Sample order is acceptable:

Sample order like shaft, vane, point, nock, etc, only shipping cost will be charged.
Sample order involves model & tooling fee, 30% tooling fee and sample cost will be charged first, and sample cost will be fully refunded in official order.
3. Quick response:

We will reply all the inquiry from Alibaba in 24 hours.
We will reply in 1 hour if by Skype, Whatsapp, Wechat, Mobile, etc.

Best After-sale Service

We will track the goods for you whenever you want until goods reach to your hands.

Any problem of goods, quality, quantity... we will offer the best solution for you.

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