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Nika Archery 9inch Recurve Bow Target Sight

Itme No.:260007
Length: 9inch
FIber diameter: 0.029"(0.75mm)
Material: Aluminum
Available Color: Black、Red、Blue
Can be used for RH/LH shooters

Archery recurve bow sight 9inch T Shape Target Sight For Shooting or Hunting Accessories


Product Description

Material:All aluminum design high precision adjustment

FIber diameter:0.029"(0.75mm),weight:195G

The laser scale is used on the base, and it is more accurate when adjusting the aiming point.

An incredibly lightweight sight with a 5.7" aluminum elevation and 9" aluminum extension, and the quasi-core can be adjusted in a large range.

Quasi-core screw thread specification: 8-32UNC

Bow handle installation screw specification: 10-24UNC

Available Color:Black、Red、Blue

Suitable for RH/LH Recurve Bow

Sets include: 

1 Main body stand, 

1 Quasi-core components, 

2 10-24 × 5/8" countersunk head screws

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