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Team building activities

Team building activities

After a hard and laborious September, elong outdoor decided to organize a team building tour in October. This tour includes hot springs, outdoor archery, badminton, buffet, etc.

Before we set off, we prepare related things, such as clothes, water, bows, arrows, targets, etc. When we were sitting on the bus, we were as happy as children. During the one-hour drive, we sang and danced, and we continued to have fun. When the bus drove into the skov river resort, we were all surprised at how beautiful and beautiful here. After getting off the bus and calling the name, people from different departments arranged the venue together, and the scene was very warm.

And then, everyone went to hot springs, archery shooting competition, shuttlecock competition, and badminton competition in different batches. Through a series of activities, let everyone show the spirit of unity and cooperation, and show the attitude of integrating the collective.

After the event, everyone took pictures together. Then go to the delicious buffet. All kinds of delicacies make our saliva flow out uncontrollably. There are all kinds of seafood, snacks, desserts, fruits, drinks, soups, etc. We all have fun together to taste a variety of foods and chat about the future of the factory.

Through this group building tour, our team has become more energetic and united. Let us clarify our direction on the next road. Thanks all the partners in our team!

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