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Great Bow Riser Recommend-Elong ET-11 Bow Riser

Many people would ask, how to choose a suitable bow riser? To choose the expensive ones? Or to choose a foreign brand? In fact, the editor wants to say that whether it is domestic or foreign, expensive or cheap, the one that suits you is the best, and it is better than anything else that you feel comfortable while using. At the same time, in the process of purchasing, it is better to have a communication with our sales and tell the sales about your needs, so that it is easier to find a bow that suits you. The following will share with you a new bow ET-11, this bow has been liked by many domestic and foreign customers, please see the details below~

Product Name: Elong Outdoor ET-11 Bow Handle

Bow handle length: 25 inches

Material: 6061-T6

Process: CNC cutting

Weight: 1350g

Color: black, gold, red, pink, black and red mixed, black and gold mixed...



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