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New Arrival! NIKA F3 Carbon Fiber F Interface Recurve Limbs

Dear Archery Enthusiasts, We are excited to announce that the F interface one-piece carbon fiber bow limbs are now available! This new bow limbs cover sizes of 68 inches and 70 inches (both adapted to 25inch bow riser), with draw weight ranging from 22 pounds to 50 pounds in 2-pound increments, to meet the power needs of different archers. Featuring up to 60% carbon fiber content, combined with NIKA's proprietary molded carbon fiber layer unibody technology, the bow limbs ensure ultimate stability and smoothness.

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Feature Highlights:

EXTREME CRAFTSMANSHIP: Using up to 60% carbon fiber content, combined with NIKA's exclusive molded carbon fiber layer unibody molding technology, creates a bow limbs with outstanding stability and smoothness, allowing for precision and accuracy in every draw.

Shock absorbing design: Pre-installed shock absorbing screws, used with shock absorbers, effectively absorbs vibration during movement, dramatically improving the smoothness of the draw, while significantly enhancing the accuracy of the shooting.

Convenient F Socket: Following the international standard F socket design to simplify the installation steps, you can easily insert the bow limbs without tools and complete the assembly quickly.

Comfortable Curve: The superior S-curve design provides a more comfortable drawing experience, with increased bow limbs flex, more energy storage, and carefully adjusted to maintain a soft draw and crisp launch return.

Speed and Stability: By reducing the width of the bow limbs and reinforcing the tip with solid carbon fiber, the arrow speed are faster and more stable.

Widely Adaptable: This bow limbs is suitable for all levels of shooters, from beginners to top competitors, and performs well even in all kinds of extreme weather conditions.

When you choose NIKA F3 carbon recurve limbs, you get:

More consistent shooting performance

Improved shooting accuracy and comfort

Freedom from harsh weather conditions

Quick and easy equipment upgrades

Limited stock available!

F Interface one-piece carbon fiber bow limbs are currently in stock in a small number of sizes, archery enthusiasts are welcome to contact customer service for more details and purchase. Don't miss your chance to experience this NIKA F3 bow limbs for the new shooting experience!

Product Link:Nika Archery F3 Carbon F Interface Recurve Limbs (elongoutdoor.com)



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