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Congratulations to Kong Wenjie and Ye Yufei who won two gold, two silver and two bronze medals in the Hangzhou Archery Club League!

On this field full of passion and sweat, the 2024 Season - Hangzhou Archery Club Championship League came to a perfect end with unforgettable performances of the players. Here, we witnessed challenges and breakthroughs again and again, the victory of persistence and perseverance, and the power of teamwork.


Kong Wenjie, using NIKA Staller et-15 bow riser + c1 bow limbs, won the same bronze medal in the qualifying round of the men's group of light bow 30 meters, and even won the championship in the elimination round in one go. His victory is the best proof of his relentless pursuit and the best interpretation of the performance of NIKA Staller et-15 bow riser + C1 bow limbs.


Ye Yufei, using the same NIKA Staller et-15 bow riser + c1 bow limbs, won the second place in the elimination match of 30 meters women's group of light bow with her excellent skills and firm determination. In the qualifying round of 30 meters women's group, she showed her strength again and won the bronze medal. Every draw of her bow condenses endless efforts and sweat, she is a star on the field and a role model for every archer.


As for the light bow 30 meters mixed doubles competition, Kong Wenjie and Ye Yufei joined hands and successfully won the championship by virtue of the tacit understanding and trust between them.

In addition, Kong Wenjie, Ye Yufei and Kong Zhenghan united together and showed strong team power in the light bow 30 meters team competition and won the second place. Their team spirit is the key to their victory and a valuable asset for us to learn.


Let's applaud these excellent players and pay tribute to their unremitting efforts and outstanding performance on the field!

Elong Outdoor Team

June 20th, 2024



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