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Glory to the top, arrows to the future-Congratulations to Yuan Ye who won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in the ACAC 2024 season (Dalian)!

The ACAC 2024 season in Dalian brought together top archery players from home and abroad. In this hot land of competition, Yuan Ye wrote his own brilliant chapter with his excellent skills and tough will.

ACAC2024俱乐部-3.jpegIn the fierce competition of the qualifying round, Yuan Ye stood out and won the third place by virtue of his exquisite archery skills and stable mentality. This achievement not only highlights his solid basic skills, but also maps out his determination to constantly challenge himself on the field.

Immediately after the elimination match, Yuan Ye once again exerted his strength and demonstrated his superior strength and non-negligible athletic potential with an excellent second place.



Under Yuan Ye's bow and arrows, not only the honorable medals, but also the ultimate trust and perfect interpretation of Nika Protoss et-11 bow riser and N3 pro bow limbs. The equipment he used is like a sword in his hand, helping him to be invincible in the arena.


In the future, we expect Yuan Ye to achieve more success and point to higher glory with his arrows. Yuan Ye, the arrow points to the future, we are with you!

Elong Outdoor Team

June 20th,2024



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