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Zhou Che Wins National Field Archery Championship Qualifying Round, Runner-up in Elimination Round

On June 15, 2024, the flames of the National Field Archery Tournament were ignited in Park Village, Mengtang Village, Jiangning Tangshan, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. This gathering of 200 archery elites not only attracted the eager eyes of countless archery enthusiasts, but also staged a scene of wonderful moments in the arena.


In this tournament, Zhou Che, with his excellent archery skills and stable play, won the championship of the qualifying round in one fell swoop, and won the second place in the elimination round, showing his top strength in the field of national archery. Zhou Che's brilliant performance not only won the praise of the audience, but also inspired countless new archery stars.


In addition, Meng Xinggang also performed well in the qualifying round and successfully advanced to the top 8, proving his great strength in the field of archery.


This tournament is not only a test of archery athletes' skills and will, but also a promotion for the popularization and development of archery. The outstanding performance of Zhou Che and Meng Xinggang wrote a new chapter for the prosperity of archery.


Archery has a long history in China, and in recent years it has become more and more popular. We look forward to Zhou Che, Meng Xinggang and other archery players to continue to create good results in future competitions, and at the same time, we pay tribute to all the archery players who participated in this tournament, whose hard training and hard work on the field of play, presented us with an exciting game.


Elong Outdoor Team

June 20th, 2024



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