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How to relieve stress?

How to relieve stress?

In today's society, most people are under more and less pressure. 

I found that many people could not find a way to relieve stress, and did things that hurt themselves and hurt their family members. 

However, in fact, we have many ways to relieve our emotions and stress. 

First of all, you must maintain a good attitude, actively face problems, and correctly understand yourself: be self-aware of your physical fitness, intellectual ability, social adaptability, etc., and try to avoid doing things that are beyond your ability. 

Second,If the pressure is too heavily, you can learn to self-regulate and strengthen your self-cultivation. Vent your unhappiness and depression in an appropriate way to relieve psychological depression and nervousness. Good at self-regulation, there is tension and relaxation.

Third,divert attention . Can listen some music, or cooking, or reading.....

Fourth,close to nature. To let us be much calmer.

At last, can do exercise . Can try to shoot in archery club or outdoor/indoor yard.There are already have many archery entertainment places in different areas. This is also one of the way to relax oursleves . 

Wish all people can keep healthy physically and mentally to meet every bright tomorrow!


7th Jan,2022

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