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Elong Outdoor Future Star Accompanying Growth Plan - Start Your Archery Journey

Elong Outdoor Future Star Accompanying Growth Plan - Start Your Archery Journey

Chasing the archery shooting star and create the future of archery!

Elong Outdoor, an ingenious master of archery equipment, has been working hard for decades, devoting himself to the research and development and production of archery equipment, and focusing on popularizing the sport of archery. From OEM to ODM, and then to the exploration and practice of branding, Elong Outdoor’s bow and arrow has gradually formed bow and arrow equipment brands such as ELONG OUTDOOR and NIKA ARCHERY, opening the door to self-production and self-research of archery equipment, and humbly learning the advanced concepts of the same industry. Continuously optimize the quality inspection and quality control of the entire series, carefully improve service awareness, and allow more people to experience the charm of archery.


In order to give back to society and promote the vigorous development of youth archery, Elong Outdoor has officially launched the "Elong Outdoor Future Star" brand growth plan globally. We will search for talented young archers with a dream of archery and provide them with equipment to jointly help improve product quality and brand; we will provide young archers with the opportunity to showcase their hard work journey, work together to accompany their sports life, and help them achieve remarkable growth in archery!


Apply requirements:

-Young athletes aged 8-16 who are training at provincial and municipal levels and archery training institutions worldwide.

- Gender: no limit

- Love and identify with Elong Outdoor and Nika Archery brands.

- Passionate about archery and committed to improving one's own value. Actively participate in the promotion of archery.

- Be of good conduct, positive and have no personal history of illness or bad habits


Ways of apply:

Send personal resume and archery results to Elong Outdoor's official email: [email protected]

When sending, please indicate the subject of the email!

Resume and achievements must include the following information

1.Personal information: Date of birth, height, weight, and 2 full body archery photos of the individual.

2.Personal Sports Resume: Start time, place, team/club name of archery training and name of training coach.

3.Achievements: In the past 3 years, participated in archery competitions at or above the city level and obtained the top 6 competition names, results, and ranking information.

4.A letter of recommendation from a professional coach. (Especially for young archers who have not yet competed or are struggling)

5.Apply deadline: 10th April 2024


Assessment method:

1.Elong Outdoor Company will carefully review and evaluate the information received.

2.The admission method is merit-based selection.

3.After passing the evaluation, Elong Outdoor Company will issue a letter of intent for sincere cooperation, and an agreement will be signed by the athlete himself and the brand owner.


Benefits for passing the assessment and signing up for one year:

1.Obtain a set of ELONG OUTDOOR/NIKA ARCHERY series brand bows. (Signed archers can enjoy the free use and upgrade of a set of equipment during the agreement period. They promise not to resell the full range of sponsored equipment during the agreement period, and all equipment provided by the manufacturer must be returned after the agreement is terminated.)

2.During the signing period, you will be given priority to experience the new NIKA Archery brand bows.


Applicants who pass the review must abide by the rules:

1.Signed agreement archers must use Elong outdoor /NIKA Archery brand bow and arrow equipment during training and competition.

2.Archers should strictly abide by sports training and competition rules. Those who violate regulations will lose their sponsorship qualifications.

3. Archers provide archery-related pictures and video for facilitate public promotion.

4. Archers needs to assist in shooting promotional videos and photo.

5. In public places, positive comments must be made about the Elong Outdoor/Nika archery brand and no behavior that damages the brand image is allowed. The number of promotion ambassadors is limited, so hurry up and seize the opportunity to become a Elong Outdoor promotion ambassador!


The final right of interpretation belongs to Elong Outdoor Product Limited.

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