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NIKA ET-15B stellar bow riser makes a stunning appearance on the field!

On March 2, 2024 China Archery Association Certification Tournament (Chongqing Station) and Chongqing's second archery elite tournament in Jiangjin District Stadium grand opening, from 13 provinces and cities in the country's 51 teams of more than 400 archery athletes gathered in Jiangjin in the traditional bow, Barebow, recurve bow, composite bow and other 24 project categories in the competitive competition. Archery enthusiasts from all over the country gathered together, the wind and snow on the day of the competition could not quench the enthusiasm of everyone, the event was a complete success!

On the field, regardless of age, the contestants, one by one, handsome and vigorous, in order to stand on the archery path, arrow, bow, aiming, the whole set of archery action is crisp and clean, in one fell swoop, the clouds broke, hit the bull's-eye, each participant in their own way to create their own wonderful moments on the playing field.

Meng Xinggang with our NIKA new product ET-15B recurve Barebow bow riser on the field, won the 30-meter men's Barebow individual ranking third, eliminated the second good results!



*NIKA ET-15B Recurve Barebow Riser, NIKA N3pro Bow Limbs

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Athletes played friendship and strength on the field, wishing China Archery Association to develop vigorously and provide more opportunities for archery enthusiasts to communicate and compete. We believe that more and more people will understand and love archery in the days to come!

Elong Outdoor Team

March 4th, 2024



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