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Elong NIKA Team China King of Archery Tournament Three Consecutive Titles!

2023 China King of Archery Tournament (Stage Match) in Taizhou, more than one hundred archers gathered in Jiangyan Qinhu Oasis archery field on the same stage, taking turns to stage a high level of fierce competition.

In the competition, "Elong NIKA team" showed excellent athletic standards, in the gathering of masters on the field, after intense competition, won two gold and one silver. "Elong NIKA team" member Meng Xinggang all the way through, in the men's bare bow ranked first, eliminated the first. "Elong NIKA team member Liao Song showed excellent level in the game, he was calm and cool-headed and stable play, all the way to catch up with the score, and stood out in the fierce elimination, and finally won the second place in the men's bare bow elimination. "Elong NIKA Team" member Zhang Changjin, performed well and won the gold medal in the women's traditional bow event!

In addition, Meng Xinggang is China King of Archery Tournament, the only three consecutive championships, the only 27 points full score winner!

China King of Archery Tournament, Wenchang Hainan Station, using ET-9+N3pro.

China King of Archery Tournament, Huzhou Station, using ET-9+N3pro

China King of Archery Tournament, Taizhou Station, using ET-11+N3pro




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