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Guangzhou Youth Archery Open 2024

On April 27th, 2024, the 2024 Guangzhou Youth Archery Open "Yinuo Sports Cup" was successfully held in Guangzhou Shooting and Archery Sports Management Center.

The tournament brought together 84 primary and secondary school students archery players, who with the love of archery and the desire for competition, gathered on the field to compete.

On the field, the archery players are valiant, open the bow and arrow, aim at the target, orderly release, the whole set of actions in a flowing stream. The performance of each arrow proved their hard training and courageous spirit.

In the end, the competition was successfully completed, and every participant had a full harvest, and NIKA Elong Outdoor, as a sponsor, awarded medals and prizes to the winners.

This tournament provides a platform for Guangzhou children and youth archery enthusiasts to communicate and promote each other, allowing the participating children and youth to fully display their style, effectively expanding the social influence of archery and attracting more young people to participate in archery.

Elong Outdoor is also honored to participate in this archery project, we will continue to work hard to provide archery players with high quality archery equipment, to promote the development of the archery industry to contribute to its own strength.

Elong Outdoor Team

April 30th, 2024




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